Step by step TCT online


The Governing Council of Galapagos uses the Transit Control Card System to monitor visitors´ time spent in the islands. With the online service, the user can enter his or her information from the comfort of his home before embarking on his or her journey to the islands.

The information entered will be stored in a database that is accessible by the Governing Council´s Technical Secretary and institutional members, such as the Ecuadorian Ministries of Environment and Tourism.

The Governing Council classifies the information collected as confidential and will not be made available to the general public.

Step 1: Entry page – language selection and government issued document

On the first page you can choose between English or Spanish, and the following pages will appear in the selected language.

After selecting your desired language, please select passport or Ecuadorian ID card (cedula) as your document type and enter the number into the space below without symbols.


Step 2: Personal information

On the following page you will be asked to provide your personal information. The majority of spaces have a pull down option to select your answer and make the form completion process more efficient.


Step 3: Airline and lodging information

On the next page you will enter your airline and hotel information. Depending on your visitor status as tourist or transitory visitor, the system will deactivate input options that do not apply.

Please enter your hotel and/or cruise ship information using the pull down option of all the registered options. Once you have selected your lodging for each island you will visit, you will be asked to enter the dates of arrival and departure. The system will automatically calculate the number of days you plan to stay and warn you if the number of days surpasses the legal limit: 60 days for tourists and 90 days for transitory visitors.


Step 4: Survey

After you have finished the pre-registration process please help us to learn more about what has motivated your visit to the islands by filling out a 8 question form.


Step 5: Declaration of authenticity of the information provided

Once you have completed the brief survey, the following page will request you to pledge that the information provided is authentic and true to the best of your knowledge.


Step 6: Guidelines for the airport to receive your Transit Control Card

Once all the information has been received, the last page will provide guidelines once you arrive to the airport to receive your Transit Control Card.