1. What procedure should I carry out prior to entering the province of Galapagos if I am going to work?

Before entering the province of Galapagos, every person must qualify in one of the migratory categories established by law, which are: Temporary Resident or Transient.

2. What is a temporary residence?

It is the status that authorizes people to stay in the province of Galapagos for a fixed time, obtaining a permit to work in exchange for remuneration in the province is subject to an offer of employment with the right to enter or leave the territory of the province as many times as you want while the authorization of temporary residence lasts.

3. What is sponsorship?

Any natural person who wishes to enter the province of Galapagos as a temporary resident will necessarily have to be sponsored by a legal resident, a public institution or a legal person with permanent activity and reside in the province of Galapagos.

4. How many times can a temporary resident change sponsor while within the province of Galapagos?

The regulations establish that temporary residents may only change sponsor once while within the province of Galapagos.

5. What is the web address to be able to generate the online procedure for temporary residence, permanent residence, and transient?

You can generate through the following web address with your username and password obtained with the person in charge of Employment Management.

6. Can the spouse or partner of a permanent resident sponsor a temporary resident under a dependent relationship if there is no local labor force?

Yes, the spouse or partner of a permanent resident who has been qualified and is in force as a temporary resident by virtue of having the same rights and obligations as a permanent resident.

7. When I complete my 5 years as a temporary resident under a dependency relationship, can I be hired again?

New temporary residence permits may be issued for those workers who have completed the maximum period of five years of permanence as temporary residents in the province of Galapagos, provided that, after the employment exchange procedure, it has been verified that it does not exist or is insufficient labor supply of qualified labor among permanent residents in that province, that is, one that has the qualified profile for the provision of the required service.

8. Can children of temporary residents of legal age obtain residency by reason of Eldest Child of Temporary Resident?

They can be qualified as long as they meet the established requirements; this is in exceptional cases duly substantiated and by reasoned resolution, for reasons of secondary studies until the end of the school period.

9. How many times can a passer-by extension be requested?

Once the 90 days have been completed in the passer-by category, the passer-by extension may be requested for a single time and it may be for a period of 90 days or fraction.

10. What are the requirements to carry out a revocation of temporary residence by contract?

Request for qualification of revocation of temporary residence signed by the sponsor.

Act of settlement of the legalized contract.

Legalized IESS exit notice.

Registration of the procedure through the CGREG website, at the following link

11. What is a residence card?

It is the public document that aims to identify the people who have been classified as permanent or temporary residents in the province of Galapagos.

12. Why should I carry my permanent or temporary residence credential in the province of Galapagos?

The permanent residence or temporary residence credential granted by the Technical Secretary of the Government Council, by its nature, will have in the province of Galapagos, the character of an additional document to the presentation of the identity card, with legal validity for all public and private events.

13. Is it an obligation to obtain a credential?

Current legal regulations establish that it is mandatory to obtain the credential for Ecuadorians and for foreign citizens residing in the province of Galapagos.

14. What requirement must I meet to obtain a residence credential?

If your residency procedure was approved for the first time, you must carry out and approve the training course Conservation of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Sustainable development.

15. Where should the deposit be made to obtain a temporary or permanent residence credential?

It must be done in the Banco de Pacifico in the Current account No. 7260466.

Permanent residents (first time) $ 6.00

Permanent residents (renewal due to expiration) $ 6.00

Permanent resident (for loss or impairment) $ 15.00

Temporary Residents and their dependents $ 43.00

Temporary Resident – Rural Doctors $ 6.00

Temporary Resident – Military, Military and their dependents $ 6.00

16. What are the requirements that must be presented to acquire a new credential in case of loss or deterioration it was in force?

The requirements are as follows:

Deposit of $ 15 in the Banco del Pacifico in the checking account in the name of the Government Council of Galapagos.

Printed complaint, of the process carried out online on the page

Identification of the citizen.

17. What is the maximum duration of a temporary residence?

Temporary residence is qualified for a maximum of one year, which is subject to compliance with requirements in case of renewal.

18. Can a change of an immigration category be made?

The only changes of migratory category that are authorized are: transient to temporary resident, tourist to temporary resident and from temporary resident to tourist, to request the change the person must be in regular status in the province, likewise this authorization to the Technical Secretarial It must be requested in advance of the expiration date of the initial migratory category and meeting the requirements for each case.

19. What are the requirements to change the category from Temporary Resident to Tourist?

– Letter addressed to the Director of Human Mobility and Vehicle Traffic requesting the change of category from Temporary Resident to Tourist, you must indicate a cell phone number or an email.

– Departure ticket from the province (on the date of the ticket, the authorization to stay in the province will be issued, it cannot exceed the number of days available in the tourist category)

– After the change of immigration category is approved, you will be informed to make the payment for the Transit Control Card (TCT) the value of $ 20.00 (twenty USD dollars).

20. When can a Legal Representative of a company be qualified as a temporary resident?

This temporary resident status may be obtained by the legal representative of a company legally domiciled in the Province of Galapagos, whose appointment is duly registered in the Mercantile Registry and registered in the Superintendency of Companies. The residency will be for control reasons; it will be qualified year by year.

21. What is the maximum time period allowed to be qualified as a volunteer?

The maximum period to still be qualified as a volunteer is of one year, renewable for a single occasion for the same time, that is two years.

22. What is the maximum time period allowed to be qualified under the temporary category for scientific reasons?

According to the maximum current regulations, a person can be qualified as a temporary resident under the scientific reason for four years, the same that will be qualified year by year, after meeting the requirements.

23. When do I get 60 days for the tourist category?

The days will be enabled after one year has elapsed, the same that will be counted from the date you made your first entry as a Tourist to the province of Galapagos. For example: If a person entered the province of Galapagos for the first time, in the tourist category on May 25, 2016, that implies that every May 25 of the coming years they will be enabled for 60 days as a tourist.

24. How long does a person have to leave the Galápagos province after the temporary residence has ended?

As of the end date, the temporary residence will have 72 hours to leave the province of Galapagos without being notified.

If you leave the province after the given period provided, an administrative sanctioning process will be initiated in which you will be punished with the impediment of entering the province of Galapagos for a period ranging from 6 months to 2 years as the case may be.

25. Where can I send the residency procedures that I have generated?

Depending on the place where you reside, you can send your request, query and entry of residency procedures to the e-mails: